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Thesis final movie_1
Dishon's Thesis Project

Thesis final movie_1

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Dishon edward


Thesis Cover Image.jpg

Spring 2020

Master's graduate Thesis project at FIU. Project on Literature/ Exhibition building, which is a tribute Langston Hughes, leader of Harlem Renaissance. Located in Manhattanville, NYC.


Fall 2018

A Mixed Use Building Which Connects the public and the Private Users to engage with building.

final render 2.jpg

Fall 2019

The project started with idea of stepwells in India. In ancient times, the stepwell has been used as a symbol of religious space and for public gathering.  The topic could be related with the homeless people in Skidrow in terms of Mental illness. 

campus university.jpg

Fall 2014

Designing University which has the function of an earthworm, making the environment more interactive and architecturally built and with equal importance to the landscape. 



To create a waterfront by enhancing the cultural aspect of the area and also boosting tourism in Alleppey, India.

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