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12 Reasons Why You Should Study Architecture.

Architecture is much more than just designing buildings and when a student decide on what profession to take on, they see Architecture related with buildings alone.

No one sees the bonus benefits of various outcomes you get by learning Architecture.

Here are the 12 reasons why you should choose Architecture.

1. Because You Create Things

It's a different way of learning !

You make a lot of things in the school like sketches, lettering, model making, 3d printing, drawing, portfolio, photography, products and many more.

It's creativity on high! It might sound like a lot to do, but the process will makes you get so interested with the work and you eventually become more focused and work on it day and night.

2. To Know Your Capability

Architecture will mould you in its process to do better in best of things.

You might not be confident when you look into your seniors work and compare your graphic quality and presentation with their work, well, you might even thought whether you would even get to that level.

But when you reached your final year doing your thesis, you sheet graphic quality and the presentation skills would have reached its best level when compared to your initial years.

Architecture eventually makes you reach that point, to be good in presenting and creating things.

3. You Travel a Lot !!

One of the best things about studying Architecture is that ' you will be travelling a lot '

During your education, you will be taken to lot of field trips. Some are near, some are very far, some you travel with friends and some you travel by yourself.

SInce your eyes are gonna see more architectural buildings and projects in front of you, you mind will capture architecture in everything you see around. You see the beauty of the space.

You understand the place, people, culture and most importantly, the fun you have with your friends and the high you get by travelling alone.

(But trust me, you will become little matured and know about life in this phase)

4. You Will be a Problem Solver

Every semester starts with a new design for you to complete it to get a grade.

Hence you get a brief about the project and you have to start the project based on it and come up with a proposal.

During the whole process, your design gets moulded under review and there will lot of changes happening to it and to every problem, you have to design in a way that it would be solved.

This is called as Design process.

The moment you learns this, you will be successful in design and in life.

5. You will Start Networking and Make Great Friends

During the process, you will take part in lot competitions, go to college functions and travel a lot of place and many architectural functions.

You'll end up making lot of friends and many great architects and people who have very high profile.

This will groom you to become professional in every way and you learn how to carry out yourself. Architects end up having contacts with people who are famous in many professions.

6. Outside the Box

Architecture is not about bringing out the best design but it's the process of designing it. It's the journey where the life of architecture lives.

Most of the students in their lifetime in school would have hated following the instructions and not felt happy about people not giving appreciation about the creativity.

Architecture helps in bringing all the ways of solving a problem in a design through 'out of box' design ideas.

7. Who Will You Become?

This question starts from your initial days of your life till you finish your school.

Even when you are inside an Architecture school, some of us still have it in our mind and might think of another profession.

During the process of learning, you will be learning skills which will give you choice to choose which one you want, like a graphic designer or a artist and many more.

The process of learning Architecture will always tell you what you want to become in your life even if it isn't Architecture.

8. You are gonna have FUN

Architecture school is a place where you are going to have lot of fun !!!

Lot of travel, lot of friends and lot of experiences. All the late night studio time you spent working on models and designing with your friends.

Most of the Architecture students, they just don't want the college life to stop.

9. You Will Become An Architect !!

After many years of education, so many sleepless nights and all the hard work, in the end, you will become who you were trained or who you wanted to be "The Architect".

You will start to explore the career with the seniors professionals, where you learn the details about the projects and the business and you can also open your own firm and start designing your buildings and projects.

The joy in seeing a building designed by you when you pass by it everyday is something that cannot be explained by words.

10. You can have Multiple Income

Architectural learning will teach you lot of skill sets over its course of time. This includes knowledge of various software as well.

Hence, you could choose a different path or a side hustle by working in various field such as a Graphic Designer, Teacher, Product Designer, Blogger, Public Speaker, Automobile designer, Visual Effects Artist, Photographer and many more.

The stream of income you get from here is higher than you think!

11. Your Work plays an Important role in People's life

Humans spend most of their time in their lifetime inside an enclosed space that is a building.

The design of space can change a person's mood for instance, a library design will give a different feel when compared to restaurant design.

Hence, you play an vital role in people's life by designing their space and every client or person you meet, is someone you are changing their life indirectly.


The way you see the world will be changing and that will ultimately change your life.

You might graduate as a drastically completely different person compared to your initial days in college.

Apart from your Architecture friends, no one will ever understand what you went through the 4 to 5 years of Architectural school life.

Architecture School isn’t easy run and it shouldn't to be.

The aim of every Architecture School is to make sturdy, dynamic, smart, well rounded graduates who are ready to go in next stage of changing into AN ARCHITECT.

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