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5 Best Home Interior Ideas and Tips.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Ideas on how to decorate the Interior of the house, without making any big money moves............ It's easier than you think!!

Photo Courtesy : Anarchitect

Welcome!! Do you want to make some cool interior designing for your new house! do you want to make your existing house look good by doing interior changes at a minimal cost, but still look the best!! Here you go! Follow these easy steps to achieve it.

Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a Collection of what you Love.” ― Nate Berkus,

1. Know the style !!

Decide the style or the feel you want to have for your house

Do you want to have a Modern look or Traditional look.

Do you want to have a rustic look or a brighter look.

The selection of the style depends on the taste of the person.

In most cases, the traditional and the modern look gives a brighter look.

whereas, the rustic style will give the room a grey shade in it which will make the room look cooler and a bit darker.

Never mix the more than one style into the house. Stick to one Style!!!

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Develop the style you want to have for your house by the following steps

2. Choose the Color (Go with the color palette)..

Once you have selected the style of your house. The Next interesting step is to know what colors can you add in your room surrounded by walls.

The colors here is referred is the colors of the furniture and other decorative items.

Know The color palette...... which means what color goes with what !! Follow the picture for an example.

As shown in the pictures, the selection of colors for the room is well matched with the colors of the furniture and the decorative items.

Hence, you can choose the color palette for each of your room depending on your style of the room.

You can easily google color palette and will be able to see many color options for you to choose.

3. Minimalism makes you look RICHER !!!!!

The Common mistake we do in our life is to buy as much as things as possible and stack it up on top of each other. Certains things we would have never used more than once.

But the life hack here is that you look much richer to your guest if your house is being less bombarded with things.

It not only makes you look Richer but also gives a classy look with a bonus of a space that is very easy to maintain.

Well, if you already have lot of things and you don't want to throw them away, then try to arrange them in a orderly manner. Like in groups, group of books, group of magazines and always follow, in that it less messy and beauty of the space won't be hidden.

4. Get the right FURNITURE !!!!

Furniture are things that are gonna stay with us for a long period of time once bought.

Humans spend 95% of their time using the furniture in the house over their lifetime.

Hence its better to find the furniture that are ergonomically comfortable, looks aesthetically better and functionally perfect rather than buying because you get it cheap or in a offer.

Your room will look much more classier when you select all your interior decor and the furnitures according to the color in the color palette of your room.

It not only makes your room look good, but also gives your guest a sense of taste you have and that you are artistic in the way you had treated the space.

5. Finally, The Lighting !!!

In Japan, the crime rate in a particular area has been reduced by 25% because of the change of streetlight color from yellow to blue.

Light can helps in the mood of the place, the lights in the pubs are different to the lights in a library.

There are two types of white which are used in light, they are Warm White and cool white.

You can choose which one you want by your wish and according to your room's decor.

If you want a brighter option, you can go for a cool white. most of the residential space use cool white and warm whites are widely used in the commercial spaces.

Do not mix both whites in room. Always go with single light pattern to maintain the uniformity.

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