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6 Modern Work From Home Furniture and Decor Ideas That Makes You Productive.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

COVID-19 has resulted in additional and more staff performing from home.

98% of individuals surveyed tell that they'd just like the choice to work remotely for the remainder of their careers.But not everything is positive, with staff finding the largest challenge 'unplugging' from work.

We have the luxury of working however we want in our house either by sleeping on the couch or in an office set-up.

But eventually after few minutes, we tend to slide towards our comfortable position and that leads to unproductive work through distraction because we are lacking furniture set up that we used to have in our office, as our body and mind is used to it and home is a place where we tend to take rest, so our mind diverts our focus.

Full-time home workers don’t have an expansive budget, though. And that’s okay. Follow these tips to create a budget-friendly home workspace out of found, made, or strategically purchased furnishings and fixtures.

Here are 6 modern Work from Home Furniture & Decor set up for you to increases your productivity in your house.

1. Always Think Trendy

You are what your space makes you of. Your space reflects your personality

Don't be afraid to travel all out. We need to style a room that is modern and practical.

The black accent wall gave some extra drama and depth to the house and that we added a lighting fixture on top of the table to feature a shine and glamour.

The wood covered sideboard keeps the house organized, serving as a storage unit for beauty product and tabletop for workplace provides.

The practicality of the house makes it attainable for us to remain on high of the business aspect of our career whereas the stylish interior decoration provides the proper background for the videos and Instagram photos.

Bonus Point: a technique to doll up a main office is by refreshing your lighting. This obvious pendant lamp with gold description from Target can offer your house an opulent, nevertheless skilled feel.

2. Put That Painting on the wall

Fill the place with what you love! - After all it's your space.

A realised fact is that plain neutral light colored wall makes your room dull. When your room is dull, chances are high that it'll affect you too!!

Just by adding painting or picture or some craft work or posters on the wall will make the room two times interesting.

It makes room feel harmonious and there is always flexibility in changing the decor later.

3. When Old Meets New

Don't be afraid to take decor from the other rooms within the house.

A combination of vintage and trendy makes a home feel warm and private, rather than feeling sort of a random showroom.

Combination of a stunning antique carpet that the shopper already had (hidden away in a very dark spot elsewhere within the house!) and a pair of latest red chairs.

The art on the walls is proscribed to black and white pictures so the colour within the house doesn’t become too overwhelming. it's such a comfy, lovely area to do your work.

4. Get the colors to pop out!

Choose colours that talk to you—not what's fashionable.

I found this Stone Blue color by Farrow & Ball provided the proper background for a productive day’s work.

Having a small amount of color detail on the cupboards in a very appealing way will make a lot of useful components of the room look enticing and attractive.

Even when you are on a conference call with your colleague or your boss, your rooms vibe can brighten their productivity too.

Colors bring out emotions.

5. Bring in the Light

Get connected with the nature. Even the best artificial light cannot make the room feel as good as the morning sun light.

Light makes the room feel bigger, which is a big advantage to the smaller rooms.

But in reality you can't expect the sunlight to be on during the cloudy days and during the hot afternoon.

Getting a table light that is flexible to you can not only make the work productive but also shows yourself look good to the video calls from the office.

Also make sure that your work space is near the window, as you'll feel more alive and efficient.

6. Get the Right Chair

We usually don't use the chairs that we use in our office in our homes. The ergonomics are totally different.

In the house, we have the freedom to sit however we want and more over the furniture are bought by us to make us feel more comfortable and for us to relax.

In office, The chairs are totally opposite to the chairs that we find in our homes, those are specially designed for us to work and be productive in work.

The ergonomics of the office chairs is such that it does not give us back ache since it has recliners, a rotation feature and also adjustable height which varies from the chairs we normally use in home.

Now when we work from home, it's wiser to get the recliner office chairs, so we can work without back ache and with the feel of working in the office.

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