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6 Softwares Every Architecture student Should Know From 2020.

3D modelling softwares have changed the Architecture world that we see today. We have reached the stage where building can be built with any form and tested under various analysis topics with the help of these softwares.

Here is the List of 3D modelling softwares that Architects and students of Architecture or Design should know.

1. Autocad

Autocad is one of the mandatory software which every designer should know from their initial college days.

It is used in every Architectural firms to make the 2d Architecture plans, sections, Elevation,

all the details and the working drawings.

Image courtesy: cadpoint

3D modelling is also possible in Autocad, but it is mostly prefered for 2D works.

There are millions of blocks and Autocad library for Interior and Exterior Architecture that could be found in Internet.

The software is from Autodesk and free, if you are a Student.

2. Revit

Revit can be told as the advanced version of Autocad.

Every Architecture firms are making it a mandatory software in their office and one of the important question that is being asked in every Architecture firm during an interview is how good are you in Revit software.

Image courtesy: Revit news

Revit can save a lot of time when compared to Autocad.

It is a software which gives you all the elevation, section and 3d view of your model, once you draw the plan.

The drawings look professional and its super user friendly. It has lot of plugins where you can add to it and you can analyze you project based on the sustainability factor and structural strength and many more aspects.

Revit is from Autodesk and all the software from Autodesk are free if you are a student.

3. Sketchup

Sketchup is 3D modelling software, which is used for conceptual development and building a detailed model in it to render.

Sketchup is user friendly, it's an essential one for the massing of the structure and one of the best softwares for architectural visualization.

Sketchup has lot of styles in which you can display your model, which is really good for presentations.

Complex geometrical shapes like organic forms are difficult to be built in this software but is possible through 1000s of plugins that could be found in the Extension warehouse.

Sketchup is from Trimble, It is a paid software, where the price for students is low as they get a discount when compared to professionals.

4. Rhino 3D

Rhino is a 3D modelling software, an Advanced one!!

Not only used by Architects but also designers from any field.

Super user-friendly !! The ease and the flexibility you get in designing a complex shape or structure is the main advantage to use the software.

It has an in-built rendering option which is also good in quality. It's easy to learn and has a plugin named Grasshopper.

Yes, Grasshopper!!

The Grasshopper plugin is an advanced version, where you have to do coding to get the design done.

The designs, mostly the parametric designs are done in grasshopper. It could be done in Rhino also, but the process takes a long time when compared to grasshopper.

But grasshopper are very difficult to learn, you need to get hold of the basic coding and continue working on it for at least 3 years to be better in it and if you are good in it, Then there's nothing that you cannot design !!

Rhino 3D software is a paid software. Students get it free for a year.

5. Photoshop

All your post-production works, comes to this software. Photoshop !!!

If you want to sell a product like a pro, then you have to present it like a pro. Hence, presentation is the key, This software is all about presentation.

The presentation sheets that you see in Architectural competition were all done in photoshop. Yes, most of you know about that. But it's not only used for that, Beautiful and amazing Architectural Renderings can be made in photoshop.

Create impressive renderings of your projects from scratch by using photoshop.

Photoshop is a product from Adobe Creative suite. It's a paid software and students get a discount.

6. Lumion

One of the best Architectural visualization software that is used in the field of architecture for making impressive animations, walkthroughs and amazing renderings.

The image in the left is from sketchup and the right one is what can be done in lumion. well, that looks detailed right!

The surprise is that the software is super user friendly, that u have to just place the components and edit the property of the materials and choose the weather you want to have, with an addition of many effects that can be used.

Another best thing about this software is to that you can 'live-sync' your model and see the render while you are making the changes and the results gets updated every time you change it.

The software is a heavy one ! Make sure you have a space and good graphic card in your computer for a speedy render of your movie and the image rendering.

Lumion is a free software for students.

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