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7 best projects of B.V. Doshi that you need to know.

Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi is a well renowned Indian Architect. For the past 70 years, his contribution to the field of Architecture has been remarkable.

An inspiration to many aspiring Architects and still a mentor to many students of Architecture. B.V. Doshi was named the winner of the 2018 Pritzker Prize.

Are you an Architecture student?

Are you a person who wants to learn some great works by B.V. doshi.?

Here are 7 best projects of B.V. Doshi that you need to know to understand that architecture is not only about designing buildings but certain factors that influence the buildings.


Image Courtesy: Sangath

Sangath is B.V Doshi's own studio, which was built in 1981. It was designed by B.V Doshi.

It is characterised by lot of Sunken vaults which are leveled up and the buildings surround the amphitheatre which are terraced.

The aim of B.V. Doshi while designing this building was to make a communication between the user and nature. The building was designed with nature and sustainability, which was a potential factor to this project.

This project was a wholesome ideas of B.V Doshi from all the projects he had done, with his work including complex interiors and structures, ambiguous edges, vaults and terraces.

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

B.V. Doshi started to explore the concept of having a open spaces linking to nature.

IIM, Bangalore was built in 1983.

This is one of the best examples of sustainable architecture.

The freedom given for the landscape to involve with the building made the defined edges of the building soft.

The plan of IIM Bangalore is such a complex one and comprises of many layering, that when one walks in to the space, the user can actually realize the diagonality of the plan.

IIM Bangalore is designed with both indoor and outdoor classrooms. He wanted the spaces to create interaction between the users as well as merge the concept of scale, proportion and the natural light.

3. Amdavad ni Gufa

One of the Experimental project done by B.V. Doshi. It's an Underground gallery located in Ahmedabad, India. The project was completed in 1995.

The Art gallery which is being shaped like cave exhibits the work of the Artist M.F. Hussain.

It was designed, remodeled and have become a living organism and social group centre thanks to its uncommon combination of Design done with the help of computer softwares, use of mobile ferro-cement forms and attainment by native crafts individuals using waste products.

4. Tagore Memorial Hall

The Tagore Memorial Hall was designed by Balkrishna Doshi in 1966. The building emphasize the characteristics of brutalist architecture.

The hall, set on the banks of Sabarmati riverway, is supported on individual and strip footings resting on a sandy strata.

This 700-seat amphitheater options ferroconcrete walls that area unit broken by folded plates to form different planes of natural light and shadow.

5. Life Insurance Corporation Housing

One of my most favourite housing projects is the one I designed for Life Insurance Corporation, at Ahmedabad...Here I knew that the houses would be occupied by several generations of the same family, that they would identify with it, that there will be a strong sense of belonging and that their needs will change, and they may modify parts of it.

- B.V. Doshi

The Life Insurance Corporation Housing project is located in Ahmedabad, India. The project was designed in 1973.

The project has 324 units which are duplex terraced unit scheme. In which the larger units are made to sit in the the bottom and the smaller unit put in the top with the terrace, a space with the units to be filled in the future.

The main aim of the project was to mix social aspect of the space by mixing the wealthy and the middle class people. Creating an interaction and producing a harmonious place to live.

6. Aranya Low Cost Housing

Aranya Low Cost Housing is a multi-family affordable housing project located in Indore, India. the project was completed in 1989.

The recipient of the title of Aga Khan Award for design in 1996, the Aranya Low value Housing administrative division was designed to determine “a society which is sustainable” wherever a mixture of economic categories may live along settled on a rectilineal site of eighty six hectares, this housing advanced accommodates over 80,000 folks in 6500 dwellings.

The minimalistic design portrayed by Doshi tells that he was cautious about wasting little space and the usage of the material.

7. CEPT University

From its founding in 1962 to 2012, CEPT expanded under Doshi, who served as campus architect and is now Dean Emeritus.

Completed in 1966, CEPT University is intended to be an experiment for the proper balance between humans and nature, with a series of buildings loosely command along by improved courtyards.

It utilizes a free arrange theme with careful web site about to direct daylight into the studios. Students were actively concerned in planning additions to the field with the goal to still promote cooperative learning across all disciplines.

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