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8 Classical Décor Ideas for your Home Office


When it comes to decorating, everyone has a different style. Some people prefer bold colors and patterns while others like to keep things simple and clean. If you want your home office to feel like the perfect blend of both worlds, consider these eight ideas:


  • Traditional colors: green, blue and brown

  • Traditional furniture: a desk for your computer and a chair for you to sit in comfortably while working. You can also use an ottoman or footstool if you wish to rest your feet while writing or reading.

  • Accessories: Use accessories that are classy and elegant but not too fancy so that they don't overwhelm the room's other elements (like flowers). For example, try some plant stands, vases or even bookshelves instead of expensive pieces from Tiffany & Co!


Use dark wood furniture. Dark wood furniture will give your home office a sophisticated feel, and you can use it to complement the style of your living room.

  • Use a muted color scheme for your décor. A simple palette of white, black and grey will make any space look elegant and modern at the same time.

  • Choose classic desks or tables as well as chairs with high backs so that they don't compete with each other; instead they complement each other's shapes and lines!

  • Choose traditional lamps rather than modern ones because they'll bring old-fashioned charm into any contemporary setting by adding interest to an otherwise bland space (and if you're not sure what kind of lamp would fit best in yours then try asking someone else who knows better than yourself).


Vintage style is a popular choice for home offices. The look is about using old furniture, with a modern twist.

You can easily achieve this look by choosing your favorite pieces from the thrift store or flea market--or maybe even from your own personal collection of furniture! You'll want to choose furniture that has been used in homes before and can be easily repaired if necessary. Then, you'll need to add some new accessories like lamps and vases for decoration purposes (and because they're just so pretty).

Clean and modern

If you like clean and modern décor, this is the perfect option for you. This style is characterized by a white color scheme, with furniture that is either white or black in color. White walls are also prevalent in this type of décor, as well as accessories such as art work and wall decor.

You can use this type of office decor if:

  • You want a very simple design that will make your home feel more modern and contemporary.

  • You're looking for something inexpensive but still cute enough to add some flair without breaking the bank!

Modern minimalist

The modern minimalist style is a great fit for any home office. It's clean, organized and functional. If you're looking to make your space feel more open and airy, look no further than these decorating ideas!

  • Use simple furniture that is light in color or neutral in color (like white). This will help the room feel less claustrophobic and cramped.

  • Use a small amount of furniture so that everything has some visual impact when it comes together for an attractive display.

  • Put large windows where there are few pieces of furniture--this can create an open feel without taking up too much space!

Chic accent wall

  • A bold color: If you're going for the dramatic, use a bold accent wall in your home office. It could be a deep red or even black and white. The brighter the better!

  • A patterned wallpaper: If you have neutral furniture, try adding some life to your walls with patterned wallpaper. Just make sure that it's not too busy--a good rule of thumb is no more than three different patterns going on at once!

  • Listen to what goes with your furniture: While there are plenty of options when it comes down to choosing an accent wall color, there are also lots of ways that they can interact with each other. For example, if one piece has an antique look while another has a contemporary look (or vice versa), then choose accordingly!

Classy corner desk

The corner desk is one of the most popular options for a home office. The space is usually large enough to accommodate an oversized desk, and the design lends itself perfectly to storing paperwork and accessories. Here are some ideas for creating your own classically-inspired corner desk:

  • Use a large desk that's at least two feet wider than your current one (about 30 inches). This will allow you access to both sides of your workspace as well as provide more surface area for storage when needed.

  • Choose a height that works for you; if possible, avoid having any furniture higher than eye level so that visitors won't feel like they're looking down on you!

  • Consider adding drawers under each drawer from which papers can easily be pulled out when needed without causing clutter elsewhere in the room. Also consider installing cabinets underneath where items such as pens/pencils could be stored or kept secured by magnets instead of being left out all over again like they used too many times before getting lost forever because nobody noticed there was anything missing until recently when we realized what happened due

  • Install hutch(es) above these drawers so that people who use them won't have problems finding anything once they've opened up their respective compartments."

You can create a home office that reflects your personality.

For many people, their home office is the place where they get work done. If this is true for you and your workspace is not what you hoped it would be, it's time to make some changes!

If you're looking for a new look for your home office space, consider these ideas:

  • Choose furniture that reflects the personality of who lives there. Do you like bright colors? Or maybe earth tones are more appealing? Maybe modern lines are more up your alley than traditional designs? The choices are endless when it comes to personalizing an area where so much personal business takes place!

  • Use accessories such as plants or art pieces in every room of your house (including bedrooms), so that nothing feels outdated or out-of-place when guests come over--even if they don't actually visit often enough yet :)


We hope you found this article helpful and inspiring. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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