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8 Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Most of us spend our lifetime inside our homes. Our home is a place where we can have our full freedom to do anything we want but also a place which shows people our status.

When we look back at those initial days of us buying the new house, where we can see the new paint, new material finishes and a good smell of the house. After being there many years, we would have loaded many things into it, many of those things are what we don’t use often. Even when our house is small, we would love to maintain it well and make it look richer, but we eventually end up, making our home look dull.

When there are many homeowners who loved to do many interior designing projects to make their home look good which leads to one point of adding value to the home. From using the fresh paints to changing the total interior design of the house, the main aim is to make the house look good and richer.

In 2017, The Home Advisor have given 2017 True Cost Report, which gives out a detail survey and information that states the homeowners are spending more money in home improvement. The average amount spent in home projects in United States In 2016 is $5150 and the coming years, would go furthermore.

Spending so much money for the home improvement by depleting the saving is not a cup of tea in reality. But it is possible to make your home look good and expensive without spending so much money in it.

Here are the 8 Inexpensive hacks to make your home look good and richer without the help of an interior designer or any professional home renovators.

Make it Bright

Bright up your room!!

The best, easy and the most cost-effective way of making your home look richer and luxurious is by adding lighting pieces. Which will make the room look interesting. This is one way you give the luxurious glow to your room. Just like how a jewellery to a woman is, the same way are the lights to a room is! 'They are the jewellery of the room'.

There are various types of lighting piece like wall mounted, table light, lamp, incandescent light and more. Choose the light that are smaller in size and also make sure to buy the energy efficient one like the lighting object with an energy efficient label or With LED Light bulbs since they use very less electricity, give more light and cost-friendly too.

Try to place the lights in such a way that illuminates bright and gives beautiful shadow as well. For instance, placing the light at the corner of the wall will help to reflect more light.

Reduce the number of Furniture.

One of the big mistakes we do is to buy a furniture because it looks good as a single piece but in does not fit the home as it might be bigger to the room making very less space to walk.

Having more chairs and table, when the number of people who use it is less and just because there more than one table, we end up putting random objects on every table that is present in the room, making the room look messier.

When there are less furniture and having the furniture fitting the right size to the room will make the room bigger and spacious. There is more space to walk without heating the sofa or table.

Choosing the right design is also important, for instance, the room is smaller, and you want to have dining table. The best buy would a round shaped dining table rather than a rectangular one as it would occupy more space.

Add More Mirrors

Mirror will go along with the lighting which we discussed earlier. Since the mirror helps in reflection, the lights get reflected too and the mirror creates an illusion in making the room look bigger and spacious than it is.

One bonus design trick: Place the lights near the mirror to create the illusion of making your room look bigger and spacious.

Try to play with the ideas in getting the perfect mirror for the home. Get artistic and experimental with different shapes of mirror and of different sizes. If you are a person who wants it to be simple and neat, go with a tall rectangular mirror, as it will look neat and elegant.

Paint it up

Do you have walls with marks created by moving the furniture or because the kids had the artistic work on it?

There are two options you can deal with it.

Option 1: Paint your home with lighter colors. Go with shades of grey or beige to give it a modern look.

If you think Painting the home is expensive, go to option 2.

Option 2: Become an artist, try to make the wall interesting by turning those scribbles or marks on the wall into a beautiful painting. Simple example is that you can draw the doodles on the wall on the area of the mark alone, as that might go along with the furniture color and will look artistic. If you are not good in painting, just get in contact with any of your friends who are good in it. You can always find the painting references in the internet.

Upgrade your Hardware

Its common that we usually don’t choose to think about changing the hardware in our home unless there is a leak or when damaged. When you think of spending money to change your entire kitchen, just simply replacing the old hardware with new hardware will definitely make the shining detail of hardware stand out in the kitchen.

PC: Houzz

Redesigning the room, yourself with upgraded hardware is not expensive and can be found at a minimal cost, that surely make the room have clean and good look.

Finding a hardware that looks stylish and inexpensive is very easy. Such hardware can be found in nearby hardware shop where they have a bulk hardware option for us to choose. Hence it’s easy and economical too.

Let the flower spread the smell

Stop and smell the roses by incorporating recent flowers and foliage into your home.

Flowers are a straightforward and cheap thanks to add a pop of color and texture into numerous rooms in your home. By adding an ornamental jar, stuffed with factory-made or native garden flowers, you add grade of welcome and luxury to your house.

Since the price of shopping for recent flower arrangements will add up, strive your hand at composition your own bouquet from food market flowers. Not solely is it straightforward and cheap, you’ll be able to boast your amateur arrangement skills to your friends and family.

If you’re trying to find additional neutral colours in your home, strive shopping for foliage, that not solely permits additional ornamental chance, you can also take care of it easily even if you are not experienced in it.


However, you don’t need to fully clean out your area so as to realize a fashionable aesthetic in your home. By incorporating several key items in your room, you'll augment the comfort and flow of your home’s style.

For example, hanging curtains close to the ceiling can produce an luxurious and upmarket look in your home, as long curtains can provide an illusion that your area is larger.

By inserting several plump throw pillows in your seating room, you at the same time produce a cushty and classy tone in your home. strive selecting a number of modern pillows with fun, however borderline styles.

You don’t have to compromise on your budget so as to fill your home with nice interior decoration. strive searching reasonable home interior decoration outlets on-line or future to realize the design you’re going for.

Place the carpet

If you've got wooden flooring, or any type of flooring, adding a carpet will make the room feel cozy, modern and attractive. It also can be the crowning glory in your lounge or sleeping room, adding that final ornament detail to tug the space along.

However, confirm your carpeting is proportional to the house you’re inserting it, as a result of exploitation too little of rugs can build your house look less costly, and smaller, than it truly is.

When you’re keeping piece of furniture on high of the carpeting, make sure that the carpet extends a little more space beyond the placement of the furniture. for instance, if dining table chairs ought to have 3 feet behind every chair and piece of furniture should have a minimum of the 2 front legs sitting on the carpet.

Inexpensive, Best looking

Instead of spending a huge amount of money on Home renovation and improvement and depleting the savings in your bank. Just by applying these 8 hacks, you can create a huge impact in making your home to look luxurious and modern without Spending so much money.

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