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Architects must see these Sci-Fi Movies

Architecture plays an important role in the screenplay or the story telling part of the movie. It creates the tone for the movie while playing a prominent role in screenplay.

The movies given below are genre where the Architecture played a important role in setting up the feel for the movie.

Here we go !

1. Blade Runner Series

The Oscar winning director, marine turtle Scott’s 1982 cult sci fi flick, Blade Runner, has become the foremost credible medium futurist declaration of the twentieth century.

The film portrays a future Los Angeles and offers a deep insight into the longer term of design and urbanism, whereas conjointly providing data on up to date realities and trends.

No other movie is deeply admired by the artists as the Blade Runner Series did.

The very first movie was a cult and the graphical visualization and the properties were way ahead of its time. The "Cyberpunk" design movement was started because of this movie.

2. Minority Report

Minority Report is perhaps the one film that associate degree attempt or tries to portray not solely an exciting narrative set in a very futurist surroundings, however conjointly visualizes a reputable future supported the predictions of nowadays.

Supported themes like ‘free will’ vs ‘determinism’ , ‘utopian’ vs ‘dystopian’ – the picture show tries to predict the plausible dominant norms of a future society that might exist in 2054.

The Minority Report starring Tom Cruise was directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie was released in 2002.

3. Star Wars Series

Everyone of us before knowing about Architecture had dreamed about the fantasy world, where Stars Wars is a flick that visualized it.

Perhaps the foremost enduring charm of Star Wars for its fans isn't merely its compelling plot line or its dramatic area battles - it's instead that this universe is, in fact, a universe, with all the complexness and depth that entails.

one amongst the most effective ways in which to reveal that depth is thru design, that offers the foremost visually placing combination of history, culture and technology out there.

As a result, the Star Wars universe is affected by an enormous kind of fascinating design, from ancient temples to art movement floating cities.

4. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland's futuristic Architecture was based on Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

"Calatrava's architecture is just phenomenal and inventive and exciting," Tomorrowland producer Jeffrey Chernov told the Huffington Post." It's very skeletal, like you're looking at the vertebrae of a dinosaur or prehistoric fish. You walk into that place and you never want to leave. That's the vibe we wanted for Tomorrowland."

The flick is a futuristic utopia which can be accessed by few members who are selected. The form of the structure are organic in nature portraying geometrical shapes.

5. Aeon Flux

The plot happening in 2415. 400 years once a virulent disease drained half the world’s population, the people who survived the virus currently sleep in Bragna, a fortified town that's encircled by a wall analytic the folks from the virus plagued remainder of the planet. Living in Bragna town, Aeon Flux, a mysterious feminine assassin who works for a underground cluster of rebels diode by Handler. Aeon’s latest assignment is to assassinate Trevor Goodchild, a member of the council that controls Bragna town.

Set on city in Closed walls in the future, where most of the movies in future used lot of fantasy in them. but here, it was shot in the existing buildings in Germany.

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