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Architecture of the future

Frank Lloyd Wright once said that every Architect must be an interpreter of his time, his day and his age. The Architecture in the future can be seen as the era of experimentation.

Here I have put some of the architectural styles and experimentational structures that can be seen in the coming days.

Indoor Parks

In the Future, some of the parks will be privatised and maintained with more facilities and entertainment.

One such park which was conceptualized and designed was the Zaryadye Park, an international architecture competition project.

The competition was won by Diller Scofidio + Renfro with the idea of a natural habitat and inbuilt cohabitat environment.

The concept of the park is to portray the past and the future simultaneously.

The four landscape typologies and the augmented micro-climates that creates the perfect atmosphere for the people to enjoy in the extreme russian weather condition and simulated daylight inside the park are some of the features.

Natural Disaster Proof Structure.

Nature has been disturbed lately because of human's activity to it. Sea level rise, earthquake and many more disaster have made living very dangerous.

In future, Nature disaster proof structure will be prefered more and can creates its style of its own.

Dionisio Gonzalez has designed his futuristic structure made of concrete and iron, where this design mixture of a beach house, storage space and a spaceship.

They are not built structures, just conceptual ideas but they show a picture of what future homes look like.

3D Printed house & Interiors

Forget Concrete, brick or wood, the future of Architecture will be run by 3d printers. Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger had this concept of building the structure with 3D printers as per their project "Digital Grotesque".

Building with 3d printers is an easy process and a durable one. Improvement in technology plays a major role in 3d Printing.

Any type of design, even most complex type of design can be printed with the help of 3d printers with the computational modelling already being done.

Floating Houses

Sea level rise is one of the biggest issue that the world is currently facing. Many policies have been brought forth to solve the issue.

Lately people in the Island and near the coast have started living in the floating houses.

The floating house consist of structures that are built and has the base done with buoyant structure to be made to float on water.

It's one of the innovative way to build structures and freedom of using various kinds of materials and unconventional forms.

Smart & Green Building

The awareness to global warming and the increase in Artificial Intelligence development in the future will help us to see lot of smart and green buildings.

The building envelope will be made of new smart material that will help in the growth of plants which will help in pass of clean air also that gives water to the plants through hydroponics and other irrigation systems.

The interior of the house will be voice controlled and there will be motion sensors that will help the building to save lot of energy in the future.

The future will lead to sustainability with the advancement of technology..

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