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Architecture Styles You See In Charleston

Charleston is the largest and an important city in South Carolina, that isn't solely long on the history list however is also steeped within the charm of the Southern region.

Charleston is clearly trendy with its classic components that reverberate a artistic vibration through its inventive sceneries and hypnotic views combined with a path of cuisines certain to trigger the exteroception senses.

It is the first historic district in the United States by the Board of Architectural Review and the best city in United States because of its unique, visual appeal.

People from all over the world visit Charleston for its rich history, delicious food and learn more about the culture. But what people notice first is the photogenic buildings and unique, elegant houses.

Below will be a guide for you to know the different kind of Architecture styles that could be seen in Charleston.

Charleston-Style Home Color Scheme

One important factor that you will notice from the buildings in Charleston is the presence bright colorful houses. Especially, in the East Bay Street and the french Colony in Downtown Charleston.

East Bay Street is one of the most instagrammed place in Charleston, thanks to the presence of picturesque colorful houses.

From the pinks and yellows of Rainbow Row to the reds and blues of Broad Street, Charleston has a unique taste for vibrant colors.

But, what's the reason behind the colorful houses?

After the Civil War, Downtown Charleston was tired and run-down.

In 1931, Dorothy Porcher Legge determined to undertake to revitalize town by painting a district of the homes on East Bay Street pink.

because the street began to seem nicer, different residents followed suit with their own alternative of pastels. so the tradition began.


Inspired by ancient Italian villas, the Italianate vogue was outstanding from 1837 to 1900.

Most of the churches in Charleston can be seen in this Style.

Masonry, stone and stucco are typical facades found on this distinctive study style. Tall, slim arched windows are paired with embellished crowns and cornice elements. usually recognizable are cubicle blocks adorning the low pitched hip roofs.

Wide overhanging, emphatic overhang supported by corbels are process characteristics from this Romantic style.

The commissioned military officer John Algernon Sydney Arthur Robert Ashe House situated at twenty six South Battery Street was created in 1853 and exudes subtle Italianate architecture.

Greek Revival




is what we perceive when we see this style of structure.

A team established to supply aid for Irish immigrants, the Hibernian Society’s gathering spot, happens to be the instance model of Greek Revival architecture.

Six large Ionic columns support a gable embellished with bracket vogue cornice and an arched window.

Stepping within Hibernian Hall, guests are lead into a bigger step hall, targeted by an open rotunda coated by a dome, command by 3 totally different style columns, all Greek influenced.

Situated at 105 Meeting Street, established in the 1800's and its classic ornamentation are exhausting to not note of.

Charleston Single House

The Charleston single house is the predominant building kind among the Historic District. The home-type was observed and replicated from English row houses as they usually have an open living room, a minimum of 2 bedrooms, and stand two stories tall.

Charleston Single vogue Home.

The form of the land is slender and long!

Nearly each Charleston single house options a definite square with an entrance facing the street.

A unique and vernacular form of house, the Charleston Single house is not a singular style and can be made of any material.

The Charleston holy city is home to many historic Charleston single houses. Spot them out throughout your next walk Downtown!

The Charleston Double House

The Charleston double house is another classic Charleston-style home. though it's not as common because the single house, its field of study style is distinguished throughout the Low country.

The Aiken-Rhett Museum and therefore the Heyward Washington House are 2 nice samples of the gorgeous and historic Charleston double house.

Heyward Washington Charleston vogue Home,

not comparing the Single house, the double house faces the road at full-length.

It's a two-story design which is being supported by an interior that options a central entrance hall that runs through the center of the home.

There are four rooms total, 2 on either aspect downstairs and two further rooms upstairs.

Art Deco

130 market street marks the location of the Riviera Theater, which sets a prime example of Art Deco Style, that initiated in 1920.

Art Deco, it can be explained as the combination of modernist styles with rich materials.

The Art Deco style was greatly influenced by the geometric form of cubism.

It is not a single style but a combination of many styles that came out as a reaction against art Nouveau moment in Europe.

Sleek modern materials of smooth-facing stone, Terracotta, steel, aluminium for the windows and glass, this style was seen as financially sensible and endured throughout period thanks to the simplicity of its design.

Once being purchased by Belmond Charleston Place in 1997, the Theater underwent a $4 million restoration that preserved most of its original interior.

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