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Classes Gone Online. 6 Ways to Adapt

2020 has changed the lifestyle we live in with the Covid-19 taking over the world like a storm. Suddenly, everything turned online around us and all university classes are being taken through virtual media.

Many of us would have faced some challenges in adapting the new changes. Hence, here are the 6 ways we can adapt.

Deceive your Mind

Your mind has visioned specific activity for specific places.

it directs you to do those activity since it recognizes spaces.

For instance, If you are in bed with your laptop, it's easy for your mind deviate from studies and tells your brain that it's time to sleep.

Now if you are all dressed up at your workspace in your home! like an hour before your interview. that will boost your mood to focus more on your work.

Get the Camera angle right !!

Now imagine a news channel is coming to take a documentary on your life and your works during the pandemic.

You can realize that your attitude changes, as you would care about your looks, the right amount of light that fall on your face and your posture.

Well, it sounds like a crazy idea, but it works as you see yourself under a new light.

Speak up

Taking virtual classes is not new to students, but also to teachers. At these times, there can be concerns about the unorganized online university classes.

Never shy back and speak up to tell your staff and professors about the difficulties and the organization through Email.

it's something new to them and they want feedback for better quality of classes.

Connect and Ease

It's always good to have an open camera while in class unless you need to take a break and invite all your friends to do so.

Ask your professor to have a 10 minutes break if the class gets little bit tiring.

At that point, you can speak about the current situation, empower each other and laugh your worries away.

Beware !!

The video recordings are great to recap and learn from that.

However, do not treat all the lecture as if they are youtube videos to 'watch later'

We all know that's the least visited playlist on Earth. Besides, who needs one more thing to procrastinate on?


In the end, It all comes to your decisions !!

To get the best experience and make the most of the technology we got through e-learning.

After all, It's the Future !!! .....

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