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Frei Otto : An Inspiration & his Architectural Experimentations.

Frei Paul Otto was an Architect from Germany and a structural engineer, who got noted for his use of light-weight structures, specifically tensile and membrane structures.

Frei Otto received his Pritzker Prize in 2015 just before his death and he was also awarded the RIBA Royal Gold medal in 2006.

Futuristic Designs & Ideas

Thinking Different !!

Frei Otto, in many ways, Otto was way before his time and wanted new strategies to use a good quantity of fabric and energy to form area, hold principles of property long before the term was coined in design.

His thought process was beyond the regularity of Architecture at that time, where he can be seen as a person who had curiosity to do many experimentation for the projects.

He was more involved with the free flowing nature of design that he usually found in shape of the soap bubble, birds skeleton and in the spider web.

The Turning Point

The turning point in Frei Otto's career was stamped in the World's Fair that took place in Montreal, Quebec in 1965, where he designed the german pavilion.

In this project, he explored lot of technologies, pre fabrication works and also mass production thats was happening in Architecture.

This project was so innovative that it made the whole world turn its head to it, for the innovation that was made in tensile structure.

His Interest In Tensile Structure

Frei Otto's interest in prefabrication and tensile structures did not happen once he was established. the interest grew with him long back.

His interest grew during the World War 2, when he was trying to build tents for his prisoner friends.

The experience made him to explore the concept of tensile structure.

Frei Otto also learnt the importance of materials, that made it work in Architecture and also economically constraint and that turned out to be his whole career.

One of his best project : Munich Olympic Stadium 1972

The Munich Olympic Stadium is one of Otto's project that was done in 1972, where he continued to apply his experience in tensile structures into this project.

The fluidic nature of the structure as well as the free form which was exactly the opposite of the stadium that showcased its rigidness.

But the free flowing form gave the sense of compassion of the germans. Even after 40 years, the structures is still an iconic point by drawing tourist and local people to it to experience its awesomeness.

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