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How Will This Pandemic Affect the Design Of Our City in Future

After the breakout of Corona, Architects have changed the places we live and work. This time, its adapting to a new lifestyle.

One of the main aspect in Architecture to create spaces that communicates with people, that is, to make a gathering space workable with people making the most use of it. Now this can be a park, an outdoor hall, restaurant and any place with an activity. When a pandemic situation like this corona outbreak happens, it is seen that the whole idea of public gathering is not to be encouraged.

Several billionaires have accepted to lend their money to researches that are being done to find the vaccine for the corona. But in reality, that's going to take at least 12 - 18 months and we all know it's a long time, unfortunately, we haven't invented a time machine to skip those 18 months.

Hence, we all should face the challenges of living with the situation right now with the change of design in places we work, places we eat, places we travel and places for entertainment.

Outside grocery stores, neat yellow marks on concrete sidewalks compose disguised shoppers into lines at 6-foot intervals. With most indoor gathering areas closed, individuals have poured into out of doors ones like parks and beaches.

Public parks, the legacies of the 19th century movement to revive health to overcrowded industrial cities, promise refuge to urban dwellers otherwise confined in their own homes. The awful unfold of the novel coronavirus has restructure our bodies in area, quickly shrinking our movement. We’re staying isolated in our places, however we’re being connected with our friends virtually via internet. But before all of this, transmittable disease had already wrought the places we have a tendency to live—through design, Architecture and concrete planning—in enduring ways. Right now, the lockdowns on movement and social interaction are crucial to keeping the coronavirus trapped.

Some of them have already started redesigning their spaces in European countries in favour of social distancing.

A restaurant has opened its business in Amsterdam, Netherlands and they have introduced "Quarantine Greenhouse". Which is a tiny cell made up of glass or plexi material which can take two people in. Hence a simple design to start with, when the lockdown restrictions are coming to ease, where people can dine while social distancing.

The theatres have started transforming their parking lot to a drive-in movie theatres. During the 60's, the drive-in theatre actually reached its peak and they were found almost everywhere in US, but their number gradually declined after that.

With this pandemic amidst of us, the drive-in movie theatre makes a comeback, as people see them as one of the hygienic and safe way to see a movie in a big screen and a safe way to leave house too.

Creativity will never rest in the field of design, new ideas will be brought forth for the survival, during the pandemic and there is gonna be a gradual change in our lifestyle and urban development which we were not prepared for.

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