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Innovation in Architecture and Design that helps in fighting Covid-19

Looking to reply constructively to the COVID-19 pandemic, several architects have turned to what they apprehend best: Design and innovation. The new restrictions placed on society are a catalyst to rethink abundant of what we tend to hold granted within the engineered setting. The approach the globe has tailored to the present new way could forecast new normals following the COVID-19 eruption.

When there is a problem, there arises many thoughts to find a solution, some of them call it 'innovation'. The ultimate solution to covid-19 is to find the vaccine for coronavirus. But life has to go on and the economy of the country has to be running.

Till the vaccine for coronavirus can be found, we can follow certain guidelines given by the government to safeguard ourselves from the coronavirus.

The people in Architecture and design have helped the world in fighting Covid-19 through the manufacture of protective face shield, PPE kits and Mini pods, which helps us to reduce the daily count of corona cases.

Protective Face Shield/Visors

These shields (or visors) are screens to hide the face so as to dam the driblet infection from transmission, from getting into the eyes, nose and mouth and to stop medical staff from touching their faces.

These clear visors are worn over alternative protecting instrumentality like surgical masks or respirators, and is like an additional layer of protection. created of a layer of plastic that covers the face and a strap or band that holds it in situ, these are the best form of PPE to use and manufacture.

Many large Architecture firms have started making this 3D Printed Protective face shield. some of the firms that make and their products are given below.

Foster + Partners

United Kingdom

PC: Foster + partner

“To aid the fight against Covid-19, Foster + Partners has designed a general-purpose prototype face visor, suitable for cleaning and reuse. It is specifically aimed at fast mass production. “We are sharing the design templates and material specifications as an open-source design asset. This is to encourage both designers, and in particular large-scale manufacturers to investigate the potential of digital and laser cutting machines as an alternative to 3D printing technology,” reads the caption under their official Instagram post.

Bjarke Ingels Group

United States


Their model shop is overseeing the 3D production of nearly 5000 face shields a week to help protect the amazing medical team on the front line.

They are apparently helping the NYC hospitals and also their offices in London and Copenhagen is helping their nearby medical communities.

Folds design studio India

Along with Tessaract and Super technical school engineers, Mumbai-based Folds style Studio has provided over eight,500 face visors to NGOs and hospitals (such as Apollo, Fortis, Nanavati) combating the novel coronavirus.

CURA Pods by Carlo Ratti Associati



The project by Italian architects Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota converts shipping containers to self-standing hospitals to combat the shortage of ICUs throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

CURA stands for Connected Units for metastasis Ailments (and ‘cure’ in Latin). the planning of the pods is specified they will be placed either within the proximity of a hospital to enlarge its existing ICU capability or as a complete medical facility in remote areas full of the pandemic.


These pods escort Associate in Nursing expansive tube-like structure that caters to large-scale demand of ICUs. once connected to the individual pods, the structure turns into a passageway and helps produce multiple standard configurations, ensuing between four to forty beds.

Jupe Health flat pack intensive care unit

United States

PC: image of Jupe

Flat-pack startup Jupe has unveiled the "world's 1st standalone medical care unit" and a number of other other pop-up care facilities to assist hospitals struggling because of coronavirus.

Founded by businessperson ​Jeff Wilson and underwriter Cameron Blizzard, Jupe Health was originally based to produce housing to the homeless. The startup has created 3 care facilities that may be deployed to hospitals within USA.

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