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Is 3D Printing the future in Architecture

3D printing is used for project's initial model development in the conceptual stage. Now it's been used as a building material too. Is 3D printing going to change the future in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture?

Architecture, that started from the beginning of the world when man decided to build his first shelter till today, it has seen lot of changes in style, culture, technique and many more aspects to add.

It's always good to look back in the history and see how design and construction have been done in the past.

Even now, The traditional and the complex design details which were done in the past can be done now by just designing it in the Computer and then giving the input to the 3D printing machine.

Let's go through the different stages where the 3D printing, that is used in the field of Architecture, design and construction.

Conceptual Model

Every Architectural project has to go through the Model making phase either in their academics or in the office. Models making is a mandatory design process helps you to analyse the project from the start.

3D printing has made model making easy with the help of single material that does the entire design with its detail once the modelling have been made in the computer and loaded into the 3D printing machine.

The 3D printing process is easy yet time consuming.

In the initial stages of the design, when the massing of the building is done, massing is the phase which tells you the initial form of the building. The models are mostly done in 3D printing.

Custom Design & Interior Design

Wall panelling is recently used in the Architecture predominantly. They are panels which gives a design in its facade side which with together will give good look to the wall.

This type can be done in CNC machine too. But lately, 3D printings are widely used because it doesn't cost much overall and its durable too.

Research and developments are being made in 3D printing field, finding materials that will be suited for it and that supports the structural aspects as well.

They are used for making furniture, lighting fixtures and other interior decorative items.

3D Printed Houses

Building a complete home is a awfully tough job that involves a great deal of individuals, money, and time, however in recent years, a great deal of 3D printed house prototypes have emerged, proving that it’s doable to 3D print a complete home with property materials and with a very reasonable worth.

One in every of these prototypes has been inbuilt state capital, Texas, by the development technology company ICON. consistent with them, the house was designed with ICON’s initial commercially obtainable 3D printer, the Vulcan II.

This printer uses a special concrete combine as a artifact and it’s designed to figure underneath restricted conditions.

The most goal of the corporate is to cut back the housing downside for people who desires an inexpensive shelter, maybe 3D printing are going to be the answer for several architects to construct in an exceedingly additional economical means.

In The End...

New technologies invariably bring innovation, and that’s precisely what 3D printing offers to architecture: the way to create the work not solely easier, however a lot of economical.

In only some years, architects have embraced this technology for several functions, permitting them to travel on the far side the boundaries of ancient style and building techniques – however this is often simply the beginning.

Maybe within the future, individuals are able to board entirely 3D Printed homes, communities, or maybe cities.

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