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Laurie Baker: A person who changed the history of Bricks

Popularly known as the 'Gandhi of architecture', Laurie Baker was the man behind what we call sustainable building today.

On his way back home,Laurie had to stay in Bombay for 3 months. That's when he met Gandhi and heard something that changed his career. 'The ideal house in the ideal village will be built using material found within a 5 mile radius of the house.' The next visit for a project, but the stay continued and he created what we see today. His idea of using materials as the core of the space followed the EDIPT process until implementation.

E - Empathizing with the users

Laurie Baker sits with the clients and talk to them. In this way, he gets to know the design the client wants and their need.

He spends lot of time to thoroughly understand their lifestyle.

D - Defining the problem

After getting to know about the clients, A brief is being created explaining the goal of the project or what the client wants.

The brief talks about how each space has to be designed and mood it should create.

After understanding the clients arose the question. 'How might we develop an authentic space reflecting the clients persona?'

I - Ideating to Solve the Issue.

A good designer is someone who knows to solve a problem with the available resources.

Laurie Baker always believed in sustainability and the use of resources available locally.

Using material as the essence of space rather than an attribute. Thus creating space using the local material that are authentic to the site and to the user.

P - Prototyping the chosen idea

Laurie Baker is famously known for his low cost housing and his sustainable Architectural Practice.

One of the facts about Laurie Baker is that he built a 430 Sq.ft house within Rs 3000 for the poor in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

This was his very first Architectural project there and it was notices by all the locals.

T - Testing Across Several Projects.

Laurie Baker did not do just small scale projects.

The centre for Development Studies (CDS) was a 10 acres large scale project that proved the wise use of local Material.

Laurie Baker always tried to experiment with bricks in ways of pattern, arrangements and various techniques.

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