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Mobility Justice

Many civilizations had started from people migrating one place to another and have started their life from there.

Ever since that, people have remained in the same place for a long time for the protection and for their needs on resources.

As time went by, things started to change as there was necessity in being mobile to where we reached today with hyper-connectivity.

Mobility for reasons have become immobile for some people, progress and development is when you take from others and the turnover is the exploitation. The main focus of this topic is to have a thorough knowledge of how the growth and the profit is being linked.

How the movement is being monitored and we are being watched and mostly differentiated by where we come from, race, caste and many more. Unfortunately, those are the supremacy that govern the mobility. Mobility Justice is about having the freedom of mobility without any barricade.

The “parallel crises of climate, urbanization, and migration,” it is a vast topic to deal with and the Sheller went through the issue blocks by blocks. The problems such as separate, international and finally the global level, telling how the supremacy governs the mobility.

The issue of protecting the borders is also being portrayed as an issue of money and climate.

One more concern which is being brought forth is that the wealthy people or the people who are in power create most of the ingredients for the cause of global warming and the other environmental issues.

Which in turn, impacts the lower and the middle-class people to relocate the places due to environmental and climatic changes. But the migrations are not that easy since the wealthy and the people in power control the border which is being militarized and there is a denial of human rights.

What mobility justice claims is the safety.

The report of mobility not only in the building of the streets but also social and the economic aspects, cultural and the inequitable barriers to contact and amenities for various communities to experience within the public spaces.

It mentions that safety is given according to their status and power, different for different people. In all ways the mobility justice talks about various problems and it tries to cut down the roots of its issues.

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