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The Office Design Trends Post Covid-19 That You Must Follow

Covid-19 not only hit us hard on our economy and many job opportunities but dispersed us all around and changed the way we had worked before.

We work remotely with the difference in comfort and facilities for each of us and this wouldn't a cup of tea for some people who live in a small space where there are people surrounding.

Precautions are taken and offices have come forward to proceed to the next stage to make changes in their office interiors to make their employees to come back and work in a proper environment.

It's time to work in a new way with a set of rules which helps us to work in a hygienic manner and with social distancing. This will be the start of new things to happen and new way of living our lives.

Here are the design changes and set of guidelines that you can expect being implemented

in your workplace post Covid-19. Infact, these are the changes in the offices that you might have wanted in your workplace.

Open Plan Layout

Open floor plans are much easier to clean and limit the amount of surface areas employees will touch. Door handles, cubical openings, and arms of chairs are some of the most touched objects in offices, making offices safe from a distancing perspective but perhaps relatively unsafe from a germ spreading perspective.

Similarly, more likely than not every office uses the same HVAC system, which is known to spread COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Ventilation is one of the major design criteria to consider while designing office space.

We know proper ventilation is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens and having an open floor plan where you can open up windows would quickly improve office ventilation.

Workstation Organized to Encourage Physical Distancing

PC: Food Management

The challenge that a lot of offices can face is guaranteeing a six-foot distance between workstations – that governments could or might not still mandate. Regardless, staff can feel safer knowing their leader is providing a digital computer with the suitable social distance so that they will specialise in output, rather than worrying concerning obtaining sick.

Office desks have shrunken over the years, largely as a result of our technology like the phones and computers have either become obsolete or shrunken moreover. can our desks increase in size to form correct social distance boundaries, or will we offer additional free space between them? Ultimately this may be up to every business.

Businesses who have relied on open layouts within the past could favor to continue victimization massive tables to serve multiple employees.

Still, chairs can have to be compelled to be staggered round the tables to confirm the correct six-foot distance. maybe, a table that after may match eight folks could currently have to be compelled to accommodate solely three.

Businesses could add “workstation enclosures” like clear plastic or glass screening panels that may shield staff however still enable them to ascertain each other and move.

When puzzling over workstations, it would even be a decent plan to take a position in personal laptops, tablets, or phones for your staff. Workstations will become borderline if you limit what’s on them and giving each worker their own devices that they'll commute with and are liable for will limit the quantity of wires and table objects and facilitate keep your workplace house clean and healthy. you'll conjointly wish to take a position in disposable, reclaimable placemats;

Once associate degree worker comes in every morning, she will grab a disposable, reclaimable placemat for her table and can then recycle the placemat at the top of her day thus your nightly cleansing crew are going to be able to clean the digital computer totally.

The Conference Rooms

With a mandate to de-densify offices, several employers can more embrace versatile work and permit more staff to telecommute.

However, what will that mean for our workplaces? Since some staff can still be performing from the office, businesses can have to be compelled to guarantee staff will connect oftentimes and additional seamlessly.

You'll have 2 individuals operating in an exceedingly smaller meeting space (while still keeping a social distance) act with those that are performing from home.

It's Associate in Nursing investment that ought to have a giant come. So, adding more meeting rooms (that use swinging or motion sensing element doors – or no doors at all) can guarantee groups are still often connecting and dealing expeditiously.

Change of Cubicles & Educating The Employees

pc:yanko design

Cubicles can make a comeback as the layouts of various offices are rethought. Dividers are placed up between desks in giant offices with open plan within the short term and believes that cubicles are wide reintroduced within the long term.

Something approximating the cubicle can become traditional within the open workplace,

To combat the unfold of droplets and aerosols, desks are encircled by taller partitions and/or screens and that we can seemingly see the utilization of cover parts, that part extend higher than every digital computer.

We are so used to road markings and signs that we tend to forget how important they're to confirm we maintain order.

Emblems, decals, floor stickers work are certain stuff that are needed to be in our retail environments and our workplace areas.

The most effective thanks to guarantee workers is by maintaining the right social distance and lessen density whereas anticipating the elevator (or lift) is to place down floor stickers to signal wherever one ought to stand as they wait.

If your workplace has small hallways, where some offices have one-way corridors. Businesses got to communicate and be clear with their workers and guest to re-evaluate work schedules, assign routing in circulation areas and unassigned seating, and to ascertain improvement and de-densifying protocols.

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