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The Tyranny of the Abused.

Education as a process of insight, examination and finding.

This method is in itself not new, the improvements in science during the past ten or fifteen years have principally been based on the knowledge that students should acquire to reason through and investigate difficulties on their own, rather than memorizing what someone else calls “facts”.

Freire symbolizes old teaching as based on a “banking conception,” where the evidences of the theme are “deposited” by a teacher into the thoughts of the students.

With this allegory goes the impression that the depositor is the dynamic agent, the receiver the inert. The depositor, the teacher, knows all, the student knows little or nothing.

The process is stationary—the data is not interrogated, and the receivers do not actively contribute in establishing and reorganizing it.

Such a process reflects well the domineering cultures which have given birth to the style of education practiced in different countries.

The concept of education is a totally diverse one based on collective philosophies of fairness between teacher and student and the concept that our philosophies about reality are not static and final, but necessarily change and progress over time.

It is central to concepts that there is no final answer to any problem, only reactions with varying gradations of correspondence to realism.

The resolution of education is to acquire a process of understanding that reality, slightly than to learn what somebody else believes that realism to be.

They have highlighted systems and thought methods, but the teachers remained largely bankers, so that the dynamic involvement of student’s mind was kept at a minimum.

Book tries to accentuate how education for independence must begin inside, with the awareness of those who would turn as the teachers.

If we are thoughtful in our stated goals to establish within the technical, engineering and university societies, to labor with people in those societies in a common mission of tossing off coercion then we must grow to identify the oppressors within ourselves.

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