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The Violence and the Advocacy of the Poor

The Violence and the Advocacy of the Poor is about the ignorance or the blind eye shown by the people when they are more focused by their daily work and the complexity of life, as they are forgetting about the destruction or the slow poison of the natural resources and the ecosystem being caused by rich nations to the poor nations eventually affecting us.

The unheard gradual depletion of the environment caused by colonialism acting on the world to meet the needs of unsustainable consumer needs.

Whether in Africa, Asia or any part of the world, there are active mines which took the place of prosperous agricultural land and many cases, the agriculture have been the source of income for generations to generations, but due to power of the rich people a factory has been placed in the place of agricultural land for taking the chemicals and by depleting the natural values of the land making useless and infertile for ages.

This by killing the people’s profession and their identity. Eventually, kneeling before the supremacy for an opportunity to live.

There’s a lot of politics happening around us silently for the appetite of rich nations or the consumers unsustainable wants. To fight this slow violence is to face complexity of the politics which are seen and unseen.

The media does not show the ugly truth or they usually underrepresented. Whenever that has been done, the primary victims are always the poor people and most of them in the southern hemisphere.

The society living in the southern hemisphere has this enforces regulation for the environmental clearance, allowing many multinational companies mostly in partnership with the local parties or the government, ill-using their resources without a reparation.

Many activists have given voice to the issue happening in many places after the place is being affected. Many writers have lent their voices as well.

These writers are spread worldwide, and they contribute in various forms of literature like poetry, novels, memoirs, essays, informs of theatrical plays and blogs as well. People like Arundhati Roy, Indra Sinha are some of the Indian writers who had expressed their thoughts on these issues.

Their work portrays effect of multinational forces, the big industries and the exercise of transporting rich nations toxins to the poor nations and burying in their soil and water by polluting them, that’s frightens the native people, sometimes causing the people to migrate to other places.

The point of violence against the eco-system and humanity. An anger on how colonialism have been affecting the world and during the time of technologies. The war against the slow violence and environmentalism of the poor can be fought strong.

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