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What an Architect notices in a building that Others don't?

Ever had a friend in an architectural field, whom you would have taken out to a place like restaurant and the first thing they do is look around the place and they keep seeing around casually for good amount of time.

Ever wondered why is that?

That's because Architects see things differently when compared to people from other profession.

How Architects sees a building?

Massing - Shape of the building.

When an Architect sees a building, he doesn't see the building as a huge piece in front of him but sees the massing process of the building.

He notices where are the voids in the structure, which are the openings.

The scale and the proportion of the building when compared to human ratio.

If there's any design element which is catchy, he will get inspired by it and he'll understand what style of Architecture and material used in the building.

But mostly he'll critic about the building, wishing it could have been designed in another way.

The Interior of the Building


As soon he enters the building, he notices the tone (color) of the space. Now this will vary depending on what kind of place you are in. It can be restaurant, theatre, library or anything else.

The choice of color, if you google 'color palette', it'll show you various colors that get along with each other. For instance, if it's a Restaurant, then most probably the place will have a red tone in its color.


The one thing which interest the Architects the most is the usage of the material.

Different types of Architectural materials are made with any desired shape wanted. This may include wall cladding or Flooring tiles or stone and Ceiling treatment.

We generally find the same material repeated again and again in most of the buildings, but when there's a new type of material introduced to a particular part of the building, the architect actually takes a note of that product and might even inquire about the designer of the building.

There's lot to talk about the material part because it includes both the exterior and the interior.

The properties of the material also differ in the exterior and interior part, because the exterior part has to deal with the dust and weather conditions, where as interior material can be lite.

Hence, an Architect takes an interest in the materiality of the building.

Finally, The Detailing

Have you heard of the idiom "devil is in the detail" which literally means to a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details, meaning that something might seem simple at a first look but will take more time and effort to complete than expected and derives from the earlier phrase, "God is in the detail" expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; i.e. details are important.

There are design details in a building, where most of the people just pass by it everyday without noticing it, where an Architect will notice it, because he had worked on various types detail during his work and he knows that these details are the one which make the building look interesting.

Where Do These Perception of Thinking Come From

The person wouldn't have cared about the way of seeing a building until the person reached the third year of Architecture education.

That's the time where the person will get well with knowing how to design a building in terms of scale, proportion and materiality followed by internship in office, where the examples can be seen in live.

Hence, from that moment, the mind gets used to seeing things in architectural ways in everything even in a pen! where you might think about the concept behind the shape of the pen.

Architecture is not just a profession, it's lifestyle !!

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