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What defines a "Liveable City"

The world has changed so much in past 10 years, we have never been so advanced before in our history. The pace we move our life and the challenges we face in our lives have been doubled.

We unknowingly have changed our environment that we live, throughout the course of time with lot of development that it either helped in the development or depletion of place.

Are we living in a city that's livable? Are we leading a sustainable life?

We have crossed years, where we used to live with trees beyond our walls and nature surrounding us, which are now replaced by the concrete jungle that we developed.

It takes 80 years for us to cover the impact of damage we do to the environment by demolishing a building and raising a new one in its place.

Now imagine the number of buildings in the world. But the reality helps us to understand that we need buildings for living, working, healthcare and for entertainment.

Architects and Urban planners have become more responsible in making a sustainable development in everything while designing a place, since we live in a time period where having a sustainable place is not a luxury but a necessity.

Hence, What makes a liveable city?

How can we be involved in the process of making one?

Your Location and Transportation

Your Selection of your place of living is as important as the Heath of the Universe.

Now imagine that you are going to start a life in a place new to you. It's more intelligent to choose a location with public transportation with your daily resources nearby rather than staying in outskirts of the city because you want to avoid the business of the city or because of the low rent.

Because you stayed near to a public transportation, the chances are high that you would take it most of the times to your destination by reducing the carbon emission from your car or bike.

Personally, travelling in public transportation like bus or train is very economical and can save you lot of money, without the worry of the fuel.

Imagine, when everything is within your reach, life is not complicated and you are living a sustainable life and making the city sustainable and livable.


The quality of a thing is more important than quantity of it.

Three things in earth, that should be free and accessible by everyone.

Air, Water, Land.

We reached a stage where we have put a price tag to it and made the fresh and good quality of this resources available to those who could afford it.

Scarcity of Water is always been underrated by us. Many initiatives are taken for taking out or bringing the water through many scientific process like desalination, changing salty sea water to a drinkable one.

If you think deeper, the desalination idea is workable and needed in a place like desert, but now a days, even places with tropical climates are using this scientific process.

Why is that?

The tropical region through its natural process are supposed to get rain during its season,if it's not getting, then we know how much we changed our environment.

Hence usage of these resources like water to its right amount is vital to a sustainable living and it'll help city manage its resources.

Healthy City ! Healthy Living ! Healthy Lifestyle !

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