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Why are buildings white and blue in Greece.

Santorini,a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. Which is known for stunning views, amazing sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), and its very own active volcano.

The cycladic architecture is elegant and peaceful without the use any complex structures. The architecture merges with the proportion and scale of the place as it goes well with the environment and specially made for its resident.

We have all seen in pictures and videos of Greece and when the name pops out, the white and blue colours are the first things that come out of our mind.

What is it with the white and blue colour?

Why did they color their buildings in it?

The Actual Reason for color of the building to be in white and blue

The outbreak of cholera, that happened in 1938 in Greece.

At that time, the ruler of Greece, Dictator Metaxas has ordered every house in cycladic Island and in Greece to be white washed with Limestone, a material that acted as a disinfectant.

An effort taken to stop the spread of the disease.

During that time in 1960 and 1970, there was a dictatorship rule, hence there was a strong military rule that prevailed in Greece.

Hence all the houses were painted in white in order to main the uniformity, simplicity and everything should be same.

As days went by the color white was seen as an identity of the place and people started white washing and painting their house in white.

They also felt that white color reflected the heat and made the interior of the house to remain cooler.

In all this, where did the blue come?

How did Blue come in?

The Queen Frederica of Hanover, who was a german queen married to King Paul the first. She was not a popular figure for the people of Greece.

She Organized a royal get together in Greece by inviting the royal family.

The Royal family that came in to Greece by cruise were surprised by the beauty of Greece and landscape of cycladic Island.

Hearing the praises from the guests, the Queen told the Prime Minister that the White color for the buildings will create an identity of the place and will attract people.

And her prediction turned out to be right !!

The colour blue is one of the common color which is being used as a side or a secondary color to white like other common colors.

But the blue was predominantly used as a secondary color since it merged with the colors of sky, water and the landscape.

Why are the windows and Door Blue?

In fact, the Cycladic house shutters aren’t continuously blue, though it tends to be one in all the foremost common colors.

If you go round the Cycladic islands, you'll see shutters and different wood surfaces painted in many various colors.

Traditionally, the fishermen would paint their home's shutters in any color that was left over when they'd finished repainting their boat.

It seems that the “blue” law was passed by the military regime of the Nineteen Sixties.

The colour blue, that additionally seems the Greek flag, became the image of the state.

There have been times once a radically totally different color, like red, indicated a communist ideology.

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